Enabling Technical Teamwork

Appitory uniquely enables IT organizations to collaborate on the details of enterprise software configuration, making teams more effective and stabilizing operations.

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Appitory is the Cure for IT Tribal Knowledge.

Appitory empowers IT organizations with a rapid way to collaborate on complex software configuration.

Our solution gives IT managers and team leaders the ability to harness "know-how" from team members - bringing tangible visibility and reporting to the most valuable IT dynamics in the organization, how critical systems are configured.

With Appitory, you now have a centralized and searchable repository for solution configuration.

Your team members house the holy grail of knowledge - the "How" and "Why" behind your critical systems configuration.  It is time to treat it with the importance and priority that it deserves.

What keeps you up at night?  Works with these, and virtually any other enterprise solution!

What is Appitory? ...in 45 Seconds

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Stabilize IT Services

Today's enterprises depend on IT services. IT services depend on solution configuration. Details should not live only in the brains of level 3 administrators. Appitory allows IT management to gather know-how from the most valuable players in their organization.

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Reduce Downtime

Outages cost money. Studies show that most enterprises lose millions per year in lost business and productivity resulting from IT outages. Since 60% of outages are from misconfiguration, considerable savings can be realized by changing the way that configuration knowledge is treated.

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Overcome Turnover

IT organizations are only as good as the people who run them. Talent plays a critical role in operational excellence. The impact of turnover of technical talent should not be brushed off as insignificant. Every time someone leaves, critical know-how could be walking right out the door.

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Solution configuration is the most valuable IT dynamic. Make it visible and reportable.

Fight the crippling complexity of modern IT with diligent and relentless order and organization. Appitory makes it possible to hold administrators accountable for persisting their valuable know-how.

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Standardized approach to taming complexity.

Finally a standardized approach to capturing and explaining complex enterprise solution configuration. Administrators will appreciate the Appitory approach, a rapid interface built specifically for the task of persisting details that matter the most.

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Build a repository of enterprise software configuration details. It's collaborative.

With Appitory, build a centralized repository of the most valuable configuration details in your organization. Keep it up-to-date by making it part of the daily activities of your solution administrators. Appitory promotes collaboration and cross-training to improve operations.

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