Appitory is a collaborative enterprise application for IT organizations who are dissatisfied with the stability of their IT operations and their vulnerability to negative impact from talent turn-over.

Appitory has the unique ability to capture software configuration expertise from Level 3 Solution Administrators--the 'brain trust' behind critical systems that bring daily operational value to the organization.

Unlike ineffective approaches, like Word docs in SharePoint, Appitory brings standardization, reportability, and efficiency to the process of capturing configuration 'know how'.

Appitory Overview

  Desktop client allows rapid capture of solution configuration explanation and details

  Configuration expertise is centrally stored in a database--easy to search and reference

  Management reporting shows solution areas where details are being saved, and brings visibility to gaps


Drag and Drop interface makes it easy for expertise to be captured and saved by administrators.


Build a catalog of current solution configuration and explanation that can be searched and shared.


Review progress and watch for gaps in documented critical settings.

Built for Easy Explanation and Preservation of Critical Configuration

Reporting that Makes Risky Gaps Visible to Management

  Are all critical application areas documented?

  Are configuration details being captured regularly as changes occur?

  What is the level of detail being used to explain settings?

  Who are the top and least contributors of expertise?

Content by Area

Appitory brings visibility to your most valuable enterprise solution areas.  The reporting dashboard shows the amount of content captured for each of your technical solution disciplines.

Level of Detail

Determine the level of detail being captured by your solution administrators.

Timely Content

Insure that changes are being captured routinely over time by reporting on staff effort/activity.

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